Photo Gallery Car 400 Series AD C400SA

Description: This is a double-truck, double-end, 11 window, arch roof, steel, 4-motor, lightweight car. It was built in 1924 by the American Car Company. The cars were sold to Mexico City in 1947 and ran there until 1958. The document reads:

"The latest double-truck cars to be placed in service by the Arkansas Central Power Company, Little Rock, Ark., were eight of the light-weight double-end type illustrated, built by the American Car Company.

They were mounted on Brill Low-level City-type Trucks No. 76-E-1, have solid-forged sideframes, outside-hung motors and 26-in. diameter wheels.

Although weighing only 32,950 lbs. complete, linoleum floor covering, spring upholstered rattan seats and agasote headlining an attractive and pleasing appearance."

Location: Builders photo from the May, 1925 Brill Magazine.

Date: 1924 Car color: Green and Cream Photo by: Unknown