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How best to view this website

Full screen mode is the best way to view this website, so that the user can view both the photo and the photo’s descriptive information without scrolling. You can switch to full screen mode by hitting the F11 key. When you are finished viewing the website, hit F11 again to restore the browser toolbars.

How to know when new or updated information is available

The plan is to update this website as new photos or information about the photos are found. The Updates page lists all the website modifications (adds, changes, and deletes) for the last six months. You can click on any of the updates to go directly to the new or changed page. After reviewing the page click the browser back button to return to the Updates page to view the next update. The modifications are listed by date with the most recent on top.

How to contact me

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or new content you would like to contribute, please contact me by using the or Fred's Arkansas Streetcars and Trolleys News links located on the website Comments page. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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